This program helps students and their families meet the skyrocketing cost of a continuing education. Scholarships are available to students and adults who will be attending, full-time, an accredited college, university, or trade school. A total of 10, $1,000 scholarships are available each year and are renewable up to a maximum of four years. Selection is based on the student's commitment to community service, financial need, and grade point average.

How to Apply

Fill out a scholarship application (PDF) and submit it by April 1 to:

Washington Financial Bank

Administrative Office

190 North Main Street Washington, PA 15301

Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant, or a member of his/her immediate family, must be a Washington Financial customer. (Immediate family is defined as parent, child, grandchild, legal guardian or spouse). The customer relationship must be in effect for one full year prior to making application.
  • Scholarships are granted on a one-year renewable basis up to a maximum of four consecutive years. The maximum amount granted is $1,000 annually. Recipients must submit to Washington Financial verification of enrollment and an academic transcript to be eligible for payment.
  • Applicants must provide written verification of 100 hours of qualifying community service during the 12 months preceding the month of application. (Qualifying activities include those activities that support health and human service needs, community development and education. Volunteer hours for political campaigns do not qualify.) Applicants may also submit work experience as outlined in the application.
  • The standard Washington Financial scholarship application form and all accompanying documents must be completed.

Selection Process

Selection is based upon a quantitative scoring system, which considers community service, class standing, and financial need. Awards will be announced and presented at each school's awards ceremony.