Additional Services

At Washington Financial, we match you only to those products that suit your personal needs. No matter what account you choose, the following additional services can give you safe, secure, around the clock access to your funds. It's banking that's in your best interest.

MasterMoney Debit Card

A Washington Financial MasterMoney Debit card opens up a world of time-saving possibilities. Use it at the grocery store, the gas station, the gift shop …anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted. The cost of the purchase is automatically deducted from your checking account. It's safe, secure and gets you where you're going a lot faster.

Your MasterMoney card also acts as an ATM card where you can access up to 5 checking and 5 savings accounts. Of course, you'll pay no annual fee and no transaction fee when you use your card at any Washington Financial ATM. For your protection, there's a $300/day ATM withdrawal limit and a $500/day purchase limit. Need to make a big purchase with your debit card? No problem, just give us a call and we'll raise your limit.

Freedom ATM AllianceSM

With a host of more than 600 surcharge-free Freedom ATM Alliance machines across the region, you're never very far from a no-fee ATM. Wherever your day-to-day travels take you, look for the Freedom ATM logo and know that your Washington Financial MasterMoney Debit/ATM card transactions are surcharge free. A complete list of Freedom ATM locations is available at

Telephone Banking

Washington Financial's Telephone Banking is immediately available to you as a customer once you have a deposit account established. Access account information 24/7, about your checking and savings accounts, CDs or retirement accounts by calling 877-5WASHFIN (877-592-7434). You can get your current balance, check account activity, access current rates and much more!

With Telephone Banking, you even have the ability to transfer funds between your Washington Financial deposit accounts. To activate this feature, call or visit any branch office for the appropriate form.

Make unlimited FREE inquiries! So let your fingers do the walking and take advantage of Telephone Banking today!

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are one of the safest and most expedient payment methods for transferring funds between bank accounts. We offer both foreign and domestic wire services for outgoing or incoming wires with a minimum of $100.00 funds transfer. Fees vary based on the sending and receiving destination.

Personal Checking Accounts

With a Washington Financial checking account, you'll have 24/7 access to your account.

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